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Faith Lutheran Church leadership includes the pastors and the elected church council. For other church leader contact information, see the contact us page.

Jane Jebsen

Missional Pastor

Linda Drury


Ralph Ascione

Council Member

Mancia Ko

Vice President

Nathan Cooper

Council Member

Bonnie Klamerus


Beka Durand

Council Member

Linda Wallen

Council Member

Brent Leu

Council Member

Deb Barber


Ellyn Wilson

Council Member

Dayna Dowdy

Council Member

About the Church Council

The council is the elected leadership body of the congregation. Its members have the responsibility to assure the direction of the church is what God is calling it to be in this place and time. This includes oversight of the budget, hiring, and the overall congregational environment. The council functions in a role of general oversight rather than specific management and is responsible for determining strategic direction, establishing goals, and setting priorities. Members of the council also serve in their own missions, as God calls them, as participants and leaders.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. These opportunities are used to ask what more can be done to meet the strategic objectives of the congregation. They are also a time to review the status and action plans of systems and ministries and ask what resources are needed.

Meetings are open, and anyone is welcome to attend. However, discussions are limited to the members of the council. Attendees should not plan to make presentations during the meetings. Your input is valued, and we encourage you to talk regularly with members of the council about your interests and concerns.