Missional Living

We believe that God calls everyone to serve with Him in mission. A mission is a way to live out the love and grace God has given you in your life. We serve in mission because God is at work in the world and is inviting us to do that work with Him. Through our service, we get to develop our relationship with God, participate in the changes He brings to the world, and to bless others.

God creates each person uniquely and has placed each person here in a time and place. He has crafted us in a unique way where we can use our skills, gifts, and abilities to be His hands, feet, and voice in the world.

A mission? What’s that?

I’m listening for my call, but haven’t heard it yet.

I’m living out my Mission. What resources are available to help me?

Mission Partners

As people serve in their missions, they may find themselves in need of expanded resources and support. Faith eagerly partners with missions that strongly align with those of the church. If endorsed, Faith Mission Partners can receive support with staff, branding, volunteers, funding, and communication by ministry leaders. As responsible stewards of community-provided resources, we developed a mission partnership program. To be considered for partnership endorsement, read the Partnership Process Guidelines and contact Pastor Jane.

Faith Mission Partners