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Worship Services

At Faith Lutheran Church we gather each weekend as a community to encourage one another, experience the presence of God together and be filled in order to be sent back out into the world to share Jesus’ love. Our hope, as you join us, is for you to feel welcomed just as you are and that you will know the love of Jesus more for being in our midst. You can wear whatever you like – some dress up while others (including the pastor) are more often found in sandals or flip flops. We’re pretty sure Jesus doesn’t really care what we wear!  Our gatherings are never an end to themselves, but a means of empowering us to live out Jesus’ love in the world.

9:30 a.m. — Intergenerational Worship

Our intergenerational worship service at FAITH is a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Our service is live streamed every week, so you have the option to attend either in person or online. Communion is served every Sunday.


  • Visit this page and join the event on Sunday morning
  • Have your bread and wine/grape juice handy


Special Services

Special services are scheduled and announced in advance on the calendar, in our E-News, and during worship. These services can include times like Christmas Eve, Lent and special occasions.

Children in Worship

We love having kids in worship with us. We also understand they don’t like to sit still or quiet for very long.  That’s fine!  We have a space called the Pray-Ground within our sanctuary with soft and quiet toys, as well as a family room, should you feel you need to leave the worship service with your child. We also have Nursery Care for our youngest children – birth thru 3 years.

For children ages 4 through 5th grade we have Sunday School that gathers during the service to engage in age-appropriate activities and learning. Every Sunday, these children join us in the sanctuary for communion – either to partake or to receive a blessing.


Communion is the time in our worship where in the midst of bread and wine, we meet Jesus’ presence in a very real way. We believe in this time the veil between Jesus and us grows thin…and we are met, forgiven, and given grace as we remember what Jesus came to do for us. At Faith we have open communion served every week, which means ALL are welcome at the table. It doesn’t matter what your church background is, or if you don’t have any – if you believe in the love of Jesus and desire that love in your life, you are welcome to come, partake, and be fed.

We do a first communion workshop, normally with children ages 1st grade and up to help them understand what communion is all about.  If you are interested or have questions contact DeeAnn Lord or Pastor Jane.


In the waters of baptism, we believe Jesus meets us with forgiveness and grace and the Holy Spirit comes to us. At one’s baptism, a person is publicly received into the Christian community and claimed as a child of God. We believe people of any age can be baptized and when a child is baptized, parents make a commitment to raise them in the Christian faith and community. If you’re interested in learning more or in scheduling a baptism contact  Pastor Jane.