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Bill Ernstrom

My parents divorced when I was 12 years old. Like most kids, I desired my parents’ attention and love. As I grew into adulthood, I unconsciously believed that if I excelled at what I did, then I would receive their love. So my life became a series of accomplishments — the next one had to be bigger than the last. I earned degrees from two Ivy League schools, landed a high-paying job at a world-renowned, high-tech firm, and eventually started my own company.

After many years of hard work, I sold the business and achieved worldly success, only to realize that I felt sad, afraid, and alone most of the time. Thanks to a few friends who were willing to speak the truth with love to me, I came to realize that I was addicted to accomplishments (and other less-desirable things). When I reached my lowest point one night at 4 a.m., God spoke to me through my journal and invited me to trust him and surrender my life to Him. Since that time, my life has been an ongoing journey toward loving God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving my neighbor as myself.

My Gifts

God has given me the gifts of leadership, administration, giving, and encouragement, along with a lot of valuable business experience.

My Mission

My mission is to create a world of trust, love, and joy. With God’s help, I do this by understanding emotions, moving through fear, staying present with God, celebrating essence, taking responsibility, and practicing forgiveness. My calling is to create a resource center of educational and experiential programs and groups to enable men and women to journey inward to reconnect with their authentic selves and to connect to God, so that they can bring God’s kingdom to Earth. Currently, I am serving as the Director of Operations at Faith Lutheran Church and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Community First Foundation.

Bill Ernstrom
  • How You Can Help Me

    • Join me on the men’s retreat, or clarify your mission or journey with me through coaching!  My dream of creating tools for growth and service can only be achieved if people use them.

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    Email: bill@faithgolden.org