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Bob Foster

I have had a fairly long journey starting in central Iowa in 1931. I was born into a Christian family with a Christian background. I attended Sunday school at a Methodist church and learned many Bible stories on my Grandmother’s lap.

My parents moved to Minnesota when I was 4 years old, and we lived near downtown Minneapolis. I was sent regularly to attend Wesley Methodist Sunday school a few blocks from our apartment. For several years, my parents moved quite frequently but always seemed to find a way to get me to Sunday school in various denominations. They did not attend church regularly. They both worked long hours to survive those depression years.

When I was a senior in high school, some friends invited me to attend Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in South Minneapolis. Reverend Carl Bartsh baptized and confirmed me after some private instruction. After graduation, I served two years in the Army in Fort Hood, Texas. I opened a drug store in Moorhead, Minnesota, in 1962, which I operated for 33 years. My wife, Lois, and I moved to Colorado in 1997. Through the years I have remained a faithful Lutheran. I don’t recall any specific “awakening” because I have always been a Christian and have been blessed to have Christ in my life.

I have five children and 12 grandchildren who all have a good Christian foundation.

My Gifts

My gifts are leadership, intelligence, and compassion. I have served in leadership roles in my church, my community, and in my profession.

My Mission

My mission is to serve where I am called. I felt called to serve on council at Faith, rather surprisingly, a year ago. My hope is to serve well and be a liaison between the congregation, council, and staff. I also hope that Faith can continue its outreach to the community.

Bob Foster
  • How You Can Help Me

    • Continue what we have going on at Faith in our strong teaching from the pulpit and our community service.

  • How I Can Help You

    • I can offer friendship and an invitation to you, your neighbors, and friends.

    • Make you aware of the programs and offerings we have at Faith.