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Brenda Bergstrom

Several years ago, God moved through a counselor I was seeing while working through some life issues. He suggested I get involved with something that I love doing.  I shared my love of helping people with decorating, and he recommended that I contact Joshua Station. Joshua Station is a transformational housing program designed to help families move from unstable housing situations to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. As a volunteer, I helped to prepare and decorate a room, enjoyed what I did, and fell in love with the program. I have done two rooms by myself, and another 3-4 with Karen Rice.

I love to use my gift of decorating to make a room or space special by using what people already have and helping them display their treasures. I find great satisfaction and reward when I see people’s reactions to the finished space.

My Gifts

Compassion, adventure (I’m not afraid to do something new) and hard work

My Mission

Helping to decorate a space gives me a sense of excitement, accomplishment, joy … and I love doing it! At Joshua Station, the people we are helping get to keep what we give them when they move on. That generates a nice feeling, knowing we are making their new home more special with what we have done. Helping a mom and her child make their house more homey is easy, especially when I know how I feel about my own home if it’s messed up. That drives me insane! So, helping other people feel like their space can be a sanctuary is satisfying. And, it has also been satisfying to know that Joshua Station uses rooms Karen and I have decorated as an example.

I would love to work with Karen Rice to achieve our dream of creating a non-profit that would be the “next step” past Joshua Station for transitioning individuals and families from homelessness.

Brenda Bergstrom
  • How You Can Help Me

    • Karen and I are looking into business opportunities (for that non-profit), and would love guidance on raising finances for our dream as well as sound business advice.

  • How I Can Help You

    • Check out the mission at Joshua Station for yourself. I am also available to help you with connections if you have furniture donations that would benefit Joshua Station.

  • Contact

    Email: bbergstrom4@gmail.com