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Bret Gardner

After a life-changing automobile accident, the Faith Lutheran Church congregation found me. It was the darkest place I had ever been. One of Faith’s congregation members was killed in the accident, yet this church received me with open arms and showered me with prayers, forgiveness, and mercy. Pastor Peter taught me the true meaning of grace. It saved me.

Who does such a thing in this day and age? I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. I started attending Faith regularly. What I learned and experienced here was good, and I wanted more.

After the crash, I was brought into the men’s ministry and experienced more of the loving and supportive nature of this community. I soon attended the One Year to Live men’s retreat with great trepidation. I had gotten to know the guys and Peter better but wondered how much personal growth did one person need in a year? After the first 45 minutes, I was convinced I had made the worst choice of my life. But then something happened: God appeared in a big way and has been showing up more and more ever since. For that I am truly blessed and grateful. I’m also blessed to have such an outstanding group of men in my life and to be part of this special community.

In my opinion, this was the greatest example of a missional congregation in action. I’m learning, and I’m in.

My Gifts

My gifts are integrity, safety, creativity, vision, wisdom, leadership, and service. I look to refine and share them.

My Mission

I exist to impact the lives of others. I do this by openly allowing God to use the gift and talents that He has created in me to execute the plan He has for me. Easier said than done.  I continue to listen for God’s call and am getting better and recognizing and obeying it.

Bret Gardner
  • How You Can Help Me

    • Help me stay accountable for what I say I will do.

    • Attend a retreat.

    • Invite a neighbor to attend a Faith service with you.

    • Be a blessing to others.

    • Introduce me to fanatical outdoors men and women.

  • How I Can Help You

    • I can provide you with a supportive ear, a big heart, and a sharp mind. I have a creative mind, a sizable network, and perspective with a dash of life experience that could come in handy in your projects.

  • Contact

    Email: bret@bretgardner.com