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Denice DeSoto

After several miracles and willingness to finally hear what God wanted me to be, the doors began to open to my third career: being the hands and feet of Jesus with children and their families at South Table Mountain Preschool (STMP). In 2006, I was offered a one-day-a-week assistant teaching position at STMP. Before the beginning of school, I was assisting each day. I was still trying to have my own business, but God was slowly closing doors and opening others. In the summer of 2008, I began taking classes to become lead teacher and director qualified. By fall of 2009, I was a lead teacher in the pre-kindergarten room and took on the director duties at our school. My director certification was completed in the spring of 2010, and I received my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education in May 2011.

The combination of being able to work with the children on a daily basis and do the administrative work for STMP has been a blessing to me and a gift from God.

I am a single mom. My son is in his last semester at CU Boulder, and my daughter will be studying (and playing soccer) in Squamish, Canada, at Quest University. In the spring of 2013, I will be returning to school at Metro University to work toward my degree in Human Development with minors in Early Childhood Education and Nonprofits.

My Gifts

I have been blessed with the gifts of working well with children and assisting parents in their day-to-day child rearing concerns. I have a willingness to grow and change to better serve others.

My Mission

My mission is to foster spiritual growth in children. Having a faith-based beginning school experience really helps the children be strong in knowing how much Jesus loves them.

Denice DeSoto
  • How I Can Help You

    • I can provide young children with a safe, faith-based preschool with experienced teachers willing to engage parents in conversations about concerns and problem solving. Visit South Table Mountain Preschool.

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    Email: stmp@juno.com