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Jane Jebsen

I just wanted to be a normal person. God had different ideas.

I grew up a pastor’s kid and there was so much I loved about being a part of church. As a young adult seeking my way in the world, I thought I would teach school and just be a normal person in a church community. But God grabbed hold of me my senior year in college and instilled in me a desire to work with youth in the church… and for 20 years I did just that. My passion for youth and for them to have a living relationship with Jesus carried me to churches in Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois. As I walked with youth, I also began to realize how many adults were longing to have a faith that was real enough to go with them into real life – not just church life, but every day. A faith that made sense in the midst of the day-to-day struggles and joys, and a faith that brought life instead of rules and religion.

And so, I’m following God into a place where I walk with people along their way through life as a friend, guide, listening ear, and coach. I’m not sure exactly where it will all lead. What I do know is that all people need a place where they can be who they are – wondering, asking, wandering, scared, broken, or being put together again — and find others who God brought together to walk with them on their journeys. So that… our lives are connected to a real God, and together we can then join God on mission in the world.

My Gifts

I believe God’s given me the gifts of leadership, teaching, and encouragement. What that means for me is that I love to figure out what God is saying in the scriptures and put it into context in ways that are meaningful and life giving and call us to come and join God in what He is doing to restore the world. It also means that I get really excited about supporting and empowering others to step into places where God is calling them.

My Mission

This is a great question for me right now! For so long, my mission and calling was to introduce youth to a real God who longs to live life with them and through them. Now that passion is changing (though I will still always love kids) and while it still involves bringing people and faith together in ways that are real and authentic, it also involves bringing people into the reality of what it means to really follow Jesus into the world – not just believe in Him. I’m on my own journey in the midst of this, and so everything about it is this clear and this fuzzy!

Jane Jebsen
  • How You Can Help Me

    • Continue to encourage me and keep me accountable for being authentic and real.

    • Get excited about discovering who you are and where God might be calling you and get passionate enough to actually do something about engaging in places that will help you discover, grow, and go!

    • Be real yourself.

  • How I Can Help You

    • I can connect you with a coach who would love to walk with you in your journey.

    • I’d love to hear your heart and help you connect to resources that will help you discover who you are and where God’s calling you.

    • I can give you a listening ear, a loving heart, and a compelling sense that faith can make sense in real life.

  • Contact

    Email: jane@faithgolden.org