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Judi Brandow

I grew up as a pastor’s daughter. It took me a while to get past being defined by who my father was (a wonderful, godly man) to a place of discovering my own unique purpose. The journey was perhaps complicated by getting married at a young age (18) and focusing on supporting my husband through 11 years of graduate studies while raising our six sons. It was a blessing when my husband — shortly before he began his doctoral studies — encouraged me to think about what I would love to do, learn, or discover. I thank God for giving my husband the insight to encourage me in that way.

During the next few years, I enjoyed a number of creative pursuits: taking classes, acting in community theater, pursuing interests in writing and speaking — all steps that eventually led to starting my own business. Through the years of owning my business, I discovered my entrepreneurial spirit, gifts, and wiring as a creator/developer.

I began to ask God to help me learn more about my purpose — what He had uniquely designed me to do. In that time of discovery, I learned how valuable the process of discovery was. This led me to take courses in life and leadership coaching in which I obtained certifications that enable me to help empower others on their own journeys.

My Gifts

I love to create! I love working with people — especially when it comes to empowering them. Brainstorming new possibilities invigorates me. Other gifts include:

  • Spiritual gifts: Leadership/administration, wisdom, exhortation, and teaching
  • Strengths Finder assessment strengths:
    • Maximizer: I love to focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. My passion is to seek to transform something strong into something superb.
    • Learner: I love to learn and am eager to discover ways to continue to improve. I enjoy the process of learning.
    • Ideation: I am fascinated by ideas and the intriguing journey of finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.
    • Strategic: I enjoy creating alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, I can usually quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.
    • Input: I have a craving to know more. My interests are varied, and I enjoy collecting and archiving all kinds of information.

My Mission

One of my callings is to be an encourager and empowering others to both discover and use their gifts and talents for God’s Kingdom. I love being able to encourage the people of Faith, as well as others who come through the door seeking answers to life’s questions. Another one of my callings is communication. Helping to provide resources and ways to connect and communicate better is my delight!

My personal mission statement is: “I am an architect for my King, designing space to grow and empowering myself and others to be creative, connect interdependently, and live with passion our callings for His glory.” It tickles me to watch others grow and flourish in their walk with the Lord and in living out their own callings.

Judi Brandow
  • How You Can Help Me

    • Help me know how to better enhance communication at Faith.

    • Stop in and say hi! I want to know you better and help you connect.

  • How I Can Help You

    • I want to help you discover the best ways to communicate what you have to share in support your mission.

    • I can help you brainstorm ideas.

    • I can provide communication tools to help you discover more ways to get the word out to your target group.

    • I can teach you to how to write an effective blog or how to use social media to help support your mission.

  • Contact

    Email: judi@faithgolden.org