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Kelley Daniel

Change may come with a jolt or it may be the result of a series of nudges and the occasional shove which prepare for the final result. My story is of the “nudge/shove” variety. Construction work with my father was good, but I needed more and went back to school where I felt nudged to teach. After teaching I felt pushed to serve in a larger venue and ran for office.

All was good, but the shove of not getting re-elected meant change was needed. I worked for a large national non-profit with a wonderful mission, but multiple days of travel did not suit my health or meet my desire to make real change in my community.

God has always provided a supportive family and He also provided me a full-circle path. I am now fulfilled serving here in Denver, teaching others construction techniques and helping those in need have affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity. I resisted His nudges, shoves and preparation for a long time, but am glad now that He did not give up on me.

My Gifts

God has provided me with friendliness, administrative capabilities, and an ability to explain and gently lead.

My Mission

I am volunteering with Habitat for Humanity as part of a coalition of Lutheran churches on the west side of Denver to build and repair homes for those who are in need of better housing. This improves housing and also improves understanding and cooperation among the churches. I am happy every day I volunteer. I can see the smile on a homeowner’s face. I work with others and meet new people. I see progress toward the end goal and know I had a significant part in meeting that goal.

Kelley Daniel
  • How You Can Help Me

    • Call or email me to get more information about the program and/or volunteer. There will be a lot going on with Habitat in the summer and fall of 2013, so keep an eye out for announcements. This is a fulfilling activity on many levels — individual, group and community. A day in the Colorado sunshine can benefit your health and skills while providing help to others and showing tangible evidence of God at work in the community.

  • How I Can Help You

  • Contact

    Email: kelleymdaniel@q.com
    Phone: (303) 232-2502