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We notice people grow best when they talk about their faith with others. We encourage you to use the sermon discussion guides, read the verses that go along with each message, and talk about what you hear with people you know. For further discussion, feel free to contact Pastor Jane, or join the conversation on Faith’s Facebook page . For more sermons, see our archives.

  • Arise! Shine!

    Arise! Shine!

    Part of the fun of December is watching all the Christmas lights come on. Stores and cities, homes and workplaces. At the darkest part of the year, these lights shine! But the light twinkling from trees and windows pales in comparison to the true Light whose coming we wait for and celebrate. Join us this Advent season as we watch, wait and celebrate the Light of World. Discover anew how the light of Christ shines for us and in us!

    Date      Title Verse Notes Listen
    12/1/19 Rising Light 12/1/19 Rising Light Isaiah 60:1-5a | Luke 1:68-69, 74-79 | Notes Listen
  • ThanksLiving

    Date      Title Verse Notes Listen
    11/24/19 ThanksLiving 11/24/19 ThanksLiving Psalm 136:1-9 | Luke 17:11-19 | Notes Listen