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Workshops are a great way to set aside time to work on a particular area of spiritual growth. Read about the workshops available to help you develop and grow.

First Communion Workshop

First communion workshops are offered once or twice a year and open to children in first grade and beyond. The workshop itself is a time for both children and parents to gather together and learn more about communion — what it is, what gifts are received, and the ins and out of how communion works at Faith. If you are interested in attending a workshop with your child, contact Pastor Jane.

Changing Lives Workshop

Are you interested in creating more authentic connections in your life and deepening your sense of belonging at Faith? Would you like to give some gas to your spiritual growth? What does “stewarding all our time, talent and treasure” look like? Offered one to two times a year, this workshop to helps you make authentic connections, discover more about the Faith community and learn more about what we mean by being on “mission.” You can enjoy the opportunity whether you are a long-time member, regular attender or brand new to Faith.

Uniquely You Workshop

Led by Pastor Jane, the Uniquely You Workshop is a great way to discover who you are and how God has uniquely shaped, molded and gifted you. Workshops run over three consecutive Wednesdays. Watch for the dates and more details. In the meantime, contact Pastor Jane if you have questions.