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Come to Faith’s “One Year to Live” Retreat for Men!

When men are asked about their deepest desires, most men say that they want to be more “connected”.  Men describe a desire to be more connected to their wives, their children, God and to other men.  They describe a loneliness that is deep in their soul – a hole in their heart that they have tried to fill with other things.

The One Year to Live Retreat creates an environment in which men can look at their lives and reset their focus.  Men that have participated in the retreat report a clearer focus in their lives and the creation of a “band of brothers” to help them stay on track.

About “One Year to Live”:  Developed by LMM in partnership with Lyman Coleman, pioneer of small group ministry, CEO and founder of Serendipity Publishing House, the One Year to Live retreat is designed to be a life changing, lay led event.  To hear more testimonials and get more information, please click on Men’s Retreat.