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Faith Lutheran Church lives the phrase “the Lord provides” by providing meals to those in need. Faith’s CareCalendar is a Web-based system that organizes meals for individuals and families during an illness or other life-changing event.

People don’t always like to ask for help. The CareCalendar makes it easy to communicate your needs in a way that removes any hard feelings of being a burden to others. And helpers can see exactly what is needed and sign up to fulfill a specific need on a specific day. It gives helpers the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus and support families whose lives have been put on hold while someone is sick or recovering.

Need Meals?

If you need meals or know someone who does, contact Lois Foster to create a CareCalendar for you. Your CareCalendar will specify the days, times, and place you need meals delivered, as well as report any special dietary needs.

Want to Share a Meal?

To get access to a CareCalendar and sign up to provide meals, contact Lois Foster or Kent Stephens. Let Lois or Kent know if there is someone in particular you want to provide meals for, and they will send you that person’s CareCalendar link.